Top 10 Slot Machine Games

1: Game of Thrones

Like many of the games on this list, Game of Thrones comes courtesy of leading slots manufacturer, Microgaming. Unlike many of the others, it comes in two versions, one with 15 paylines with spins from £0.15p up to £2, and another -larger version- where you can indulge in anywhere from 30p to £6 per spin on a mammoth 243 pay lines.

WHilst the 15 liner is good for a little downtime, serious slot gamers -this writer included- prefer the 243 version, which provides hours of fun as you delve deep into the world created by George R.R. Martin in his best-selling books and the subsequent TV Show.

A highlight here is the free spins feature. Collect three Game of Thrones scatter icons in a row, and you then have the option to choose which of the four famous Houses of Westeros you want to serve.

Each house offers different rewards, some offer only a small amount of free spins but a greater number of multipliers, whilst some go the opposite way, with 18 free spins but only a x2 multiplier.

Along with great graphics and spliced video footage directly from the shows, this five reel slot is a must-play for any slot fan.

2: Jurassic Park

Microgaming always have their greatest successes when bringing popular film and TV franchises to the slot machines. Their Jurassic Park game, which combines graphics and video from the Steven Spielberg films with five reels and 243 paylines, is certainly no exception.

Spin costs range from 30p all the way up to £15 for the ultra-dedicated (or confident!), though playing somewhere at the lower end of the scale seems to produce just as good a payout.

Whilst the gameplay is engaging, Jurassic Park’s biggest highlight is in the visuals.

Using Parallax Scrolling ( ) to add an extra depth to the graphics, everything is beautifully designed, with a level of detail that you don’t normally find in slot machines.

Meanwhile, the free spins come complete with wonderful animations and a soundtrack that puts you right in the heart of this 1990s movie classic.

3: Thunderstruck II

Microgaming are at it again, this time with a slot machine which -much to this writer’s disappointment- has nothing to do with the famous AC/DC tune.

First released six years ago, Thunderstruck II -a new and improved revamp of the original Thunderstruck- has proved to be one of Microgaming’s biggest hits, and remains just as popular today as it did when it first hit the casinos back in 2010.

Along with Microgaming’s trademark 5 reel, 243 payline set up, new additions to this release include paytable achievements which you receive for completing all the payouts on each symbol, ultimately allowing you to keep better tabs on your winnings.

As engaging as it is profitable, Thunderstruck II deserves all the praise it gets as one of the best games of all time.


4: Titanic

Another movie tie in, this time from designers Bally Technologies, much of Titanic’s success is owed to the famous Leonardo DiCaprio movie as it is to do with anything in the game itself.

Not that this particular slot machine doesn’t hold its own against others on the list. 5 reels and 25 paylines are the order of the day here, with seven bonus features, multiple progressive jackpots, additional hidden features and video clips directly from the movie.

5: AltantisQueen

Perhaps Microgaming’s biggest rival in the virtual casino industry, PlayTech have earned much of their acclaim thanks to games based on ancient lands and mythical creatures.

Atlantis Queen, a five reel, 25 payline slot game is fairly typical of the company’s output, and has so far proven to be one of their biggest hits.Relying heavily on fantasy and adventure, Atlantis Queen takes players down into the lost city, encountering mermaids, buried treasure, and even the magical God known as Poseidon.

It’s this attention to storytelling as much as the game play itself which puts Atlantis QUeen in a league of its own, and makes it by far one of the best slot machine games out there right now.

6: The Magical Wood

Though they may not be up there with Microgaming and PlayTech in terms of overall success, Blueprint Gaming have nonetheless had a big hit on their hands with The Magical Wood.A five reel, 25 payline video slot, the rules of this one are simple ( ): work your way through the game interacting with fairytale characters like Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks and her three bear pals, and try to land the jackpot-inducing Magic Caterpiller.

A fun, entertaining slot that offers simple gameplay with utterly enchanting visuals.

7: Land of Gold

Slot games based on the magical charms of Ireland are in abundance, and for good reason. The idea of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is something that most casino gamers can identify with as they spin the reels looking for that elusive jackpot. Among the plethora of titles out there, PlayTech’s 5 reel jackpot slot is one of the best, boasting an impressive 576 paylines with spins costing anywhere from 40p to a cool £80 per pop.

8: Shamrockers Eire to Rock Slot

IGT’s first and only entry on this list, Shamrockers Eire to Rock Slot is a unique twist on the popular Ireland/Leprechaun/Pot of Gold theme I mentioned earlier.Rather than traditional images of rainbows and golden fields, this 50 reel, 20 payline video slot transforms its leprechauns into kick-butt rock ‘n’ roll stars, complete with cool-as-you-like shades and epic guitars.

The soundtrack is awesome, though the game is just as enjoyable, with each member of the Shamrockers band coming with their own free spins feature.

One of the more unique games on this list, and a sheer joy to play.

9: Gladiator Jackpot

A new and improved version of PlayTech’s earlier Gladiator slot game, this new addition upgrades things with a progressive jackpot, a x3 multiplier and up to 24 free spins.

10: Spartacus Gladiator of Rome

Last but not least comes another popular and widely successful game with a gladiator theme. Based on the life of the original Roman Gladiator rather than that great Stanley Kubrick film ( ), this is a mammoth game that comes from WMS, one of the slot machine industry veteran brands.

With a total of a thousand paylines, it’s sometimes not the easiest game to keep tabs on, but does boast an impressive array of bonus rounds, features, and free spins to keep you playing for hours.

As if that wasn’t enough, it looks a million times better than Gladiator Jackpot too, which, along with everything I’ve just mentioned, means it’s deserving of its place on this list.

Though it’s not the most visually impressive game of all time, it does have a reputation among serious slot players as paying out some of the biggest prizes of any game of its type, making it a must for this list.

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