Donald Trump again in NEWS as US agency investigates Work at Pacific Island Casino Project

The F.B.I agents raided the Imperial Pacific casino hotel construction site on Saipanin late March, which is part of an American commonwealth in the Pacific Ocean. The raid occurred after a worker lost life at the project from a fall. The raid came out with a surprising finding that hundreds of undocumented Chinese workers were engaged in that project. A local affiliate of a Chinese state-owned contractor, MCC International Saipan was charged with illegally employing immigrant workers. The news heat up due to suspicious connect of Trump in the project. Casino industry veteran Mark A. Brown, who is involved in the Saipan project had started as a protégé in Mr. Trump’s Atlantic City casinos. He later forwarded to the position of chief executive of Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts.

Labors at the site made it public that they had been cheated in name of a better pay perk and eventually lured with the eligibility to apply for American green card. The local recruiters, who were working for Saipan project told them they could make as much as $2,900 a month. This is a great amount that is almost four times the average wage in China.

One worker in the Saipan project, Mr. — Han Dong revealed to the investigators that the pay that was being given to him was even less than half of the promised amount. Also, the fact that he would be eligible for an American green card application or work permit anywhere within America seems to be a distant dream. the working conditions here at a Saipan project managed by Chinese construction firms. Mr. Han said, “They tricked us to come here.”

However, the real fact is that Imperial Pacific has not been accused of wrongdoing in either the work investigation or in its gambling business by federal officials. Shen Yan, president for global capital markets at Imperial Pacific, in a telephone interview said, “We have very stringent procedures on compliance to prevent money-laundering activities.” He further added, “Its executive denounced in strongest terms the harboring and the use of illegal workers by some of its contractors and subcontractors, and the utter disregard on the rights and well-being of these affected individuals.”

The labor issue raised at the Saipan project has been viewed as President Trump calls for tougher limits on immigrants working illegally. The investigation may carry a twist of irony, in that sense. The fact that the chairman of the company that is building the casino hotel Had been once a protégé of Mr. Trump’s own casinos in Atlantic City is really making it a bit controversial.

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