Online Vs Land-based Casino: Who is growing to push the other out of Business?

The spread of online casinos has snatched a significant market share from the century-old land-based casinos. According to a report based on a survey conducted in the UK, “Online gambling activity in the UK continues to grow, but not as fast as land-based casino gambling.” However, looking at a broader picture keeping in view the future trend, Online model is going to pose a strong threat to the land-based casinos.

Good news is that the UK Gambling Commission has revealed that the last 12-month overall gambling market’s revenue in the UK has rose nearly 3% to £13.82b. in this, online gambling alone contributes with £4.46b, compared with £4.23b in the 12 months spanning April 2015 to March 2016.The statistics shows revenue derived from British punters only who are playing on UK-licensed operators.

Speaking on a global platform, the online gambling industry is growing huge. More than 800 online casinos are actively serving millions of players from all over the world. Leaving some countries, where online gambling is still banned, rest of them are allowing it as a legit business. These online gambling businesses operate under licenses and paying hefty taxes to the state. It is a matter of interesting fact that there is a constant need of online casino to flourish in the society. With a ban imposed on the land-based casinos in many parts of the globe, players are finding ways to play their favorite games online. The bigger question here arises, whether the growth on online casino and gambling will ever lead to the disappearance of land-based casinos.

Let us take a sneak peak of the reasons why online casino is finding a safe haven in the current scenario and make it stand out from the land-based casinos.

Convenience and Gaming Atmosphere

Convenience and gaming atmosphere are two major aspects of choosing the playing mode. Many players find less time to make a visit to the land-based casinos, and hence they hook on to their favorite online casino site and get started then and there. However, on the other hand, land-based casinos provide a distinct atmosphere, which makes up the mind and mood for the players. Visiting a land-based casino again comes out as a meeting places for the rich and powerful. Being in such an environment, they feel like being part of something special ambience, where is more mysterious and attractive.

Regulatory Restrictions

Land-based casino being regarded as a place which has maximum propensity towards crime and legal disorder, are often avoided by many potential players. This is why many countries are planning to put ban on the land-based casinos. In some countries,they have not yet removed the ban. This is why, most of the beginners and pass-time players usually try their hand son the online platform first. On the other hand, online casinos do not come under heavy legal checks. They have to, however, ensure best practices and safety against online fraud.


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