What Does it Take to Work in the Casino Industry

Over the last couple of years, South West England has followed the trend set by the rest of the country -and the world at large- in jumping onto the latest advancements in online gaming; the virtual casino.

The closest many residents here in Yeovil and the surrounding areas will probably ever get to sampling the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip up close and personal, these web-based gambling platforms have done much to help the casino industry shed it’s somewhat decadent image and serve as enjoyable a past time as say playing the weekly lottery or indulging in the odd flutter on the football.

No doubt inspired by this trend, the industry’s growth as a whole has seen a number of new ‘offline,’ casinos pop up along the South West coast, naturally creating a much-needed job boom in a country where the last economic recession still lingers prominently in the memory.

Yet since the world of  internet casino is a whole different spectrum from the landline ones, those looking for career opportunities in the industry will need more than just the ability to move a mouse to succeed.

Thinking of looking for a new role in this rapidly emerging sector of the entertainment industry, here’s just a few of the qualities you’ll likely need to to guarantee a rewarding career.

A flare for the charismatic

Yes, casinos are places where a lot of emphasis is placed on trying to win at a game and take home the jackpot prize, but in many respects, there’s just as much emphasis on the entertainment aspect of it, with the most successful casino hosts being those who can turn even a long, drawn-out game like Poker into an exciting show. Nobody’s saying you need Liberace levels of flamboyance here, but with a little charisma and a lot of personality, you’re more likely to keep gamers so engrossed in what they’re doing that they’ll love nothing more than coming back time and time again.

An ability to take charge

In a recent post on career portal Jobmonkey.com, casino hiring directors listed their most sought after attributes from applicants. At the head of the pack, those interviewed listed “a take-charge attitude” as a crucial skill for getting hired.

This makes perfect sense. Often times, you’ll be left to manage games or even whole sections of a casino on your own, and if you lack the confidence to show you’re in control of the situation, it’s hardly going to lead to a successful game, nor does it reflect particularly well on the casino itself.


A high level of integrity

With so much at stake, those looking for a career in the casino industry will need to prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that they can display a high level of trust and integrity. Worked in a position where you’ve had to be trusted with large sums of money before? You might have a better chance of securing a top position.

Focus and concentration

Even when certain games seem to last a long time, the actual pace of any particular move can be so quick, that if you’re not constantly on the ball, the whole thing could soon turn into disarray, particularly if two of the participants come to loggerheads. With that in mind, unwaivable concentration and some serious focus are key attributes that casino owners look for when hiring new recruits.

A knowledge of casino games

Most people wind up working in a casino with no previous experience of actually managing a game, though many can at least claim to know what they’re doing from a gamer’s side of things. If you’re attracted to this kind of career then, it pays to spend some time getting to know the ins and outs of games like Roulette, Blackjack and even the slot machines so that you’ll stand a better chance of impressing your potential new employers.

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