North Dakota Lawmaker has reportedly amended proposed North Dakota casino expansion legislation

Amongst many speculations, the Republican lawmaker in North Dakota has reportedly amended his measure concerning expansion of casino in the state. It is well understood that Al Carlson, the North Dakota House Of Representatives is behind the proposed legislation that would enable voters to decide on the fate to amend the constitution undertaken by the state to expand six state-owned casinos.

It is reported that Al Carlson, earlier this month, has introduced his House Concurrent Resolution 3033 with a view to getting approval of the voters on the topic. The state is planning to open up to six first-of-their-kind non-aboriginal casinos in North Dakota.

In connection to the news, Jonathan Jorgensen, who is the President of the board of directors for the Charitable Gaming Association of North Dakota, warned against an ill-conceived ”explosion of gaming” in the state. He was addressing a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee for the concerned proposal to create state-owned casinos.

It is noteworthy that North Dakota’s plans to expand gambling would severely affect the tribal and charitable gaming operators in the state. This is why it is creating the headlines in the local news.

North Dakota instant racing plan would hurt charitable gaming

It is well in place in the current constitution of North Dakota that has provision to prevent legislators from authorizing “any game of chance, lottery or gift enterprise”. However, it allows charitable gaming.

The earlier events reveal that it was written originally House Concurrent Resolution 3033 would establish a seven-member gaming commission. This commission would be comprised of experts, who would be appointed by the state’s governor, attorney general, auditor and legislative leaders. It was also clearly stated that no new non-tribal casinos would not get approval or permit to operate within 20 miles of a Native American reservation.

Later on, Carlson took measures to bring an amendment that the earlier stipulation of 20 miles would be doubled to 40 miles. Additionally, on the contrary, another provision that would have prohibited siting of any commercial gambling venues within five miles of a city holding a population of over 5,000 has been scrapped completely. This, in turn, has opened up avenue to allow these casinos to operate almost anywhere in the state.

Carlson’s proposed legislation has been as “racist” by North Dakota State Senator Richard Marcellais. This would probably see the state-wide ballot on whether non-tribal casinos should be permitted in the state.

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